Senator Jim White greeting a constituent at Hitchcok /Tulare Parade

Senator Jim White and Page Avery DelGrosso at the Senate Chambers

Senator Jim White and Nicole Hamilton at the Senate Shadowing Day

Page Chelsey Langbehn, Senator Jim White and Page Bailey Zerfoss at the Senate Chambers

Page Amanda Halsey and Senator Jim White at the Senate Chamber

Jim White helping a friend

Jim White and Archer White at the Arlington Parade

Grandson James and two friends at the DeSmet Parade

2014 Senate Appropriators

Bennett, James, Emree, and Senator Jim White at the Capitol, 2014

Day of Caring with the Beadle County 4-H Club Beadle Bops, 2014

ESL students from Huron visiting the Capitol, 2014

Friend of 4-H award winner Ivan Trowbridge with
Senator Jim White, 2014

Grand Opening of the Republican Headquarters,

Grandson James White with
Senator Jim White

Hayden, Aspen, Paulette, and Senator Jim White with
Senator John Thune, 2014

Page Noele Gross from Arlington High School with Senator Jim White

Legislatures who showed cattle at the SD 2013 State Fair

James, Bennett, Jim and Senator Jim White at
the Old Settler's Day Parade in DeSmet

Paulette, Aspen, Emree and Senator Jim White at
Huron Public School's Homecoming Parade

Senator Jim and Paulette White at the 2013 Buffalo Round-up

Senator Jim White and Jerry Zerfoss at Wessington's Fun Day

Senator Jim White and Megan Larsen, Senate Page

Senator Jim White and Page Sidney Carey

Senator Jim White and PUC Kristie Fiegen
at the SD State Fair, 2014

Senator Jim White at his desk working on a bill
with seat mate Chuck Jones

Senator Jim White giving testimony at an appropriations meeting

Senator Jim White speaking at Alpena's Memorial Ceremony

Senator Jim White talking at the Wolsey High School Honor Society

Senator Jim White, Representative Kristi Noem and Paulette White

Senator Jim White's sponsored
Softball Team

Senator White showing a hiefer with 4-H member Chloey at the Legislative Showmanship Program at 2013 SD State Fair

Spencer, Aspen, Hayden, Senator Jim, and Archer
during a homecoming parade

Tammy Albright's 4th Grade class from DeSmet,
SD visiting the Capitol

Ted Boomsma, Gordon Hofer with grandson Kyler and
Senator Jim White and Hitchcock's Hay Days

Day 1 of 2010
Legislative Session

Reviewing flood conditions with emergency management
officer Tom Moeding

Kevin Fiedler and Senator Jim White,
Supporter of Wolves on the Water Award

Summer of 2012 

Legislative invitation to ride with a farm operator combining

Basin Electric Facilities legislative tour held in Bismarck, ND

 4-H Legislative Showmanship Program - SD State Fair 

Archer Jamison White, the newest voter for Grandpa

Lois Wood and Senator Jim White, Friends of the 4-H Rodeo Award