Agriculture and Natural Resources

1. I support agriculture, which represents 70% of the economy in South Dakota.
2. I support value-added technologies that increase the value of our agricultural products. 
3. I support recreational projects that don’t adversely affect agriculture, fish, wildlife, and other natural resources with due respect to property owners affected by such development.
4. I support conservation of our natural resources and support the continued development and funding of our water resources that insure sufficient water quality and quantity for economic development and quality of life

Health and Human Services

1. I believe individual states should determine its local health needs and develop a health-care plan designed to meet these needs.
2. The care of our state’s special needs citizens must continue to be addressed in a positive manner.
3. I believe a child’s parents are the most important and vital aspects to a child’s life.  Our state must enhance its efforts to help parents recognize how important their role is to their child.

Economic Development

1. I believe economic development is the engine that drives our state’s economy.
2. State corporate income taxes and state personal income taxes limit economic growth; therefore, I oppose these taxes.
3. Tourism contributes to our economic growth in a number of ways; therefore, promotion of this industry should be a priority of our state.
4. I support the current right to work provision in our state constitution.


1. I believe all children have the right to a quality education that allows them to compete in a worldwide job market.
2. I believe a child’s level of education will impact his or her lifetime earnings.
3. I believe as a state we must recognize education as a form of economic development.
4. I believe technology in our schools must be enhanced so students are technology competent upon graduation.
5. Funding for education continues to be a priority for the legislators and will be impacted directly by revenue earnings each year.