10/2/2015—Huron Homecoming Parade
10/7-8/2015—West River Appropriation Tour
10/9/2015—Arlington Homecoming Parade
10/15/2015—Meeting with Governor Daugaard
10/23-24/2015—South Dakota Governor Hunt
10/25/2015—Hitchcock Harvest Supper
11/5/2015—Department of Transportation Meeting
11/11/2015-Hitchcock Veterans’ Day Meeting
11/16/2015—Budget Meeting in Pierre
11/19/2015—Friends of Christ Bible Study Presentation
11/20/2015—Farm Bureau Annual Meeting in Pierre
11/22/2015—Center for Independence Annual Dinner
11/30/2015—Meeting with Secretary Heipler of Game, Fish and Parks
12/2/2015—Towns and Townships Annual Meeting
12/2/2015—Meeting with COTEL Rep. Greg Dean
12/7/2015—Dinner with Governor Daugaard
12/7/2015—Legislative Meeting with Huron School Board
12/8/2015—Governor Daugaard Budget Address
12/14/2015—Appropriations Workshop, Pierre
12/22/2015—Dakota Energy Annual Meeting
1/7/2016—Legislative Luncheon with Huron Chamber
1/11/2016—Legislative Leaders Dinner with Governor Daugaard
1/12/2016—Legislative Session Begins.